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Organizing My Baking Kitchen | How I Organize Hundreds of Cookie+Fondant Cutters+Sprinkles+More

I am Ashleigh from Sweet Dreams Bake Shoppe!
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Wonderful Dreams Bake Shoppe
PO Box 20972
Maple Ridge Square RPO
Maple Ridge, BC

Below are my favorite baking fundamentals:
1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer (this set is my DREAM mixer):
2. A Set of Cake Tools:
Canadian Link:
American Link:
3. Heatproof Spatulas:
4. Edible Airbrush Machine AND Colours:
5. Establish of Edible Food Gel Colouring:
6. Bench Scraper: Set of Spatulas:
7. Moving Pin:
8. High Quality Oven Mitts:
9. Cake Turn Table:
10. Steel Piping Tips:

After gathering a whole lot much more baking devices than I believed– I am rearranging every one of my bakeware in my baking kitchen area. Join me as I rearrange numerous cookie cutters, fondant cutters, sprays and also a lot more!