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Sam’s Club Bakery Items Ranked From Worst To Best

Equally as I was resolving right into my post-holiday deception of healthy and balanced consuming, I made a decision to evaluate 9 of Sam’s Club’s most prominent pastry shop products, so you do not need to. Find out and enjoy.

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10. The slim|0:00
9. Tiramisu|1:14
8. Cookies selection pack|2:28
7. Turnovers|3:21
6. Carrot bar cake|4:21
5. Cold cinnamon squares|5:33
4. Slim Mint brownies|6:37
3. Apple latticework pie|7:46
2. French silk pie|8:48
1. Salty sugar and cookies ‘n crème cheesecakes|9:54.

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10. 1:14
7. 3:21